7 benefits of tea you might not know about

Winter weather is made for tea! Chances of spending the merriest time of the year with everyone we love and socialising at our favourite restaurants and bars are looking pretty slim, so it is more important than ever to bring the warmth of the season to our homes ourselves.


We’ve compiled a list of 7 surprising facts about tea to provide some insights into why starting a new ritual might be just what you need in your life at this very moment.

Did you know…

1. Tea provides a great energy boost.

Especially green tea. If you’re like everyone we know, you need to start off your day right - with a warm drink. Tea wakes up your body and mind and restarts digestion.

2. Tea is great for detoxifying.

Incorporating tea into your diet is a fabulous way to detoxify your body and bid farewell to those pesky toxins, including artificial ingredients, preservatives and chemicals that build up daily. Lemongrass and orange peel, in particular, are known for their detoxifying effects. A consistent detox can also support weight loss, which is a reason to give it a try in and of itself!

3. Green tea speeds up fat burning.

Yes, you read that correctly! It reduces bloating and swelling too, helping you get closer to your weight-loss goals faster. If drinking tea to get slimmer isn’t convenient and tasty, we don’t know what is!

4. Herbal tea is the ideal bedtime drink.

Your morning tea time will wake up your senses, but don’t you also love the calming effect after drinking a warm cup of tea before going to bed? Better yet: certain teas are amazing partners on your weight-loss journeys, helping you curb your appetite and ensuring regenerative sleep, which is also a must when trying to get a slimmer figure.

5. Tea contains mother earth's healthiest ingredients.

Tea is made from some of mother earth’s healthiest ingredients. Fennel, for example, provides the feeling of satiety, while burdock root improves metabolism. Lucerne herb detoxifies the body and black elderberries remove toxins from your body. Add to that our favourite, peppermint, which soothes and relaxes, and you get a natural herbal blend that is as healthy as it is tasty!

6. Tea may decrease levels of bad cholesterol and increase brain function too.

And all that without the unpleasant side effects such as jitters and insomnia that often accompany caffeinated drinks. 

7. Tea relaxes you.

Letting go of the stress of the daily hustle and bustle is a must if we want to end the day free from emotional exhaustion. It is essential to unwind after a tough day and let tea do its magic so we are back to the happier versions of ourselves after a sound sleep, which no slimming efforts are complete without.

If you don’t have a few months’ supply of PreTEA Slim Duo by Slimmium yet, now is a good time to sort it out to secure your day and night tea duo while it’s still available.

The pack comes with a daytime tea with fat-burning, metabolism-boosting and purifying effects, thanks to Pu-Erh tea, lucerne, burdock root and black elderberries. The other half of the pack is a delicious, calming and detoxifying good-night tea with lemongrass, peppermint, hops, lemon balm and orange peel. Yum!

Remember it’s the season of giving too; you may not be able to sit down over a cup of your favourite tea with all your friends, but you can still have some joy, warmth and motivation to lose some weight this year sent to their mailboxes! 

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