Are you a bit impatient when it comes to getting results from your weight loss efforts? Would you feel a lot more motivated if you got visible results within the first week or two?  Don’t worry, we’re all like that. It’s quite understandable to want results fast and, luckily, it’s also quite possible…with a bit of help.


Meet Andrea and Leo. Andrea, a young mother, and Leo, a 67-year old grandfather. They both struggled with weight, but for different reasons. Neither of them had the time or the energy to undergo extreme diets or rigorous exercise regimes. But still, they got amazing results.

Over two pounds in a week is an amazing success. I’ve ran out of belt holes! That’s Success with a capital S!"



“I couldn’t believe how fast the pounds were disappearing. A lot of it was water weight – I’m so happy to be rid of it.”




How did they do it?

They made an effort to eat healthy and increase their daily activity levels, but there was no starving, no time-consuming workout sessions, no drastic lifestyle changes. They used their common sense and employed the same tactics we’re all familiar with when trying to lose weight. So why doesn’t everyone get their results?

It was these two products, dubbed “miracle workers”:

  • WaterOut XXL, a drink that reduces your waist size and decreases water retention by 27%
  • AdipoSlim XXL, capsules that increase fat burning by 33% and prevent fat cell growth

These two Slimmium products are renowned for their fast results. Taking them together will give your body a makeover within a month. They work from week one, but you can safely use them for a longer period of time if you want to continue your streak.

Scientifically proven: The secret behind their power

The fastest slimming results

* Fact: Our lymphatic system often gets overloaded due to hormones, stress and bad diet.

* Fact: This results in water-retention. Our bodies hold on toxins and extra water which makes it look like we’ve gained fat.

* Fact: At this stage, losing weight is extremely difficult because our lymphatic system and liver (the main organs involved in weight loss) are overwhelmed.

* Fact: Getting rid of water-weight is the best way to kick-start the weight loss process.

* Fact: WaterOut XXL is designed to flush excess water and toxins out of your system. This triggers immediate weight loss and really opens the door for fat loss.

Along with several other natural powerful detoxifying substances, WaterOut XXL contains a patented ingredient - Cacti-Nea™.

A Cacti-Nea ™ clinical study has shown that the ingredient eliminated up to 27% of excess water compared to the control group! 80% of initial users were happy with it!


The ultimate fat metabolism secret

* Fact: We have two types of fat – brown and white fat. Even though brown fat represents only 1,5% of our body weight, it’s absolutely crucial for optimal fat metabolism.

* Fact: We can boost our fat metabolism if we stimulate brown fat tissue.

* Fact: Endocrinologist dr. Aaron Cypess proved that by activating brown fat tissue we can expend up to twice the calories we normally would.

* Fact: AdipoSlim XXL capsules are designed to stimulate brown fat and boost fat metabolism by 33%. It can reduce belly fat by up to 50% and prevents fat storage.

2x WaterOut + AdipoSlim = Rapid Cut

Combine WaterOut XXL with AdipoSlim XXL and you get a new best ally in quick weight loss. The synergistic effect of these two products will get you the combined results of Leo and Andrea.

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