So Alice and Sarah Walk into a Restaurant ...

Let’s meet Alice and Sarah. They’re getting together for lunch to do some catching up. As it turns out, they’re both trying to lose weight, but decide to spoil themselves anyway. It’s pasta carbonara!


Let’s break it down:

  • 1 serving has about 442 calories,
  • 18.1 g of fat and
  • 47.4 g of carbs.

Now, Alice has a little secret (don’t worry, she shares it with Sarah in the end). As soon as they ordered, she took 1 Slimmium Capsule.

Her meal breakdown will look something like this:  just 7.6 g of fat, 21.8 g of carbs and 237 calories gained from that big plate of pasta. That’s less than half of the carbs and fats that Sarah will absorb, while eating exactly the same meal!

Alice has another secret – that day she also had a delicious peach drink (a.k.a. BootBurn INTENSIVE) that helps her burn 5.7% more fat and increase her metabolism while doing absolutely nothing.

By taking these two products, she has a huge head start on Sarah before even changing a single thing about her diet or lifestyle:

  • 54% sugars blocked
  • 58% fat blocked
  • 5.7% more fat burned
  • more freedom to enjoy the foods she likes
  • boosted results of any diet/exercise she decides to undertake

But what's the science behind it?


As Spela, Slimmium’s nutritional therapist explains: “The active ingredient from Slimmium Capsules, ID-alGTM, has been scientifically proven to inhibit amylase and lipase enzymes. Users, on average, lost 2.3 kilograms (5 pounds) within a month of use, without changing anything else”. She elaborates: “Our French supplier’s study was approved by an ethical committee, it was double blind and placebo controlled.”


Spela Scukovt, nutritional therapist

BootBurn INTENSIVE contains guarana, ginger, kola seed and green coffee extracts that not only boost your body’s metabolism, but also keep your blood sugar levels stable


Now you too can burn fat cut calories from your meals with SlimBoost Bundle – 1x Slimmium Capsules and 2xBootBurn INTENSIVE – 1 month’s supply of both for just £29.90!