Ice cream, cocktails… It’s time to get back in shape after the summer

Sadly, summer is coming to an end. Hopefully, we managed to make some good memories and recharge our batteries.

But what if in addition to souvenirs from the beach, we also brought home some extra weight? Let's face it… We likely treated ourselves to lots of sweet treats and junk food on our holidays. Obviously, we deserved it! But now it’s time to get back to reality and back into shape!


A time to relax

In spring-time you worked hard to get that beach-ready body, right? But summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy ourselve. Who can say no to the second scoop of delicious ice cream? Or to refreshing cocktails or a cold brew with friends in the evening…

A new start

Sadly, all these indulgences have their consequences: weight gain,a body in need of a detox… But, don’t worry - September is the perfect month for a fresh start!

Why is detoxing a must?

Due to harmful substances that we ingest with unhealthy food and environmental toxins, our body is likely to get overwhelmed. When the body is overloaded with toxins, it can’t function properly, leading to weight gain.

Yes, baggy sweaters can hide a lot, but…

Wouldn’t it be wiser to start making a change now instead of waiting for next spring? 

Even more importantly, a healthy body is able to better resist and defend itself against viruses, which is especially helpful during the colder months.

How to detox?

First of all, avoid heavy, fried, salty food and alcohol. Try eating a healthy and balanced diet. Include purifying herbal teas in your daily routine and make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

What to eat?

  • Seasonal fruits and veg: these will provide the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs
  • Lean protein: white meat (chicken and turkey), fish (tuna, cod, salmon), low-fat yoghurt (especially Greek-style). Lean protein is a must if you’re trying to define muscles.
  • Whole grain: Bread and pasta can be acceptable during a detox, if consumed in moderation and especially if they’re made from whole wheat flour, making it more nutritious. Avoid white bread and other products with white flour.
  • Healthy fats: opt for olive oil when cooking. Avocado makes for a great snack, rich in healthy fatty acid and the perfect addition in smoothies or spread on a piece of whole wheat bread. As a quick snack, keep nuts on hand (almonds, hazelnuts…).

Lots of fibre and protein!

To help the body eliminate toxins, fibre is essential: it helps bind toxins and expel them. Fibre also regulates and accelerates the digestion and helps keep you full for longer.

CiderFit - detoxing weight-loss capsules with apple cider vinegar:

  • Stops cravings and hunger
  • Reduces your calorie intake
  • Promotes cleansing of the digestive system and improves digestion
  • Prevents fat from being absorbed and stored
  • Delicious apple flavour, no downsides caused by vinegar such as irritation of the throat, enamel or stomach!

Our 60-day mega bundle includes everything you need for a fresh start! Reduce bloating, boost fat burning, detoxify the liver, target abdominal fat, reduce hunger, and provide your body with fibre and protein! Purify the body, lose weight and get a much-needed boost of energy so that you can tackle daily challenges with ease!

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