5 things that actually work for getting rid of cellulite


You've heard it before – cellulite is completely normal, natural and 85% of women have it. And yet, if you can't come to terms with just accepting your dimpled skin, that's completely fine too. Years of research have given us insight into what actually works best when trying to smooth the skin, and we'll let you in on a little secret: it's not just dietary supplements!

The reasons why you have cellulite

Reasons why you have cellulite have nothing to do with your weight. The weakening of connective tissue can be linked to: 

  • everyday stress 
  • weight changes (yes, even weight loss) 
  • ageing 
  • sun damage 
  • an unhealthy diet 
  • a sedentary lifestyle 
  • hormonal changes 
  • toxins 

The age-old quest of getting rid of cellulite

Women have been aspiring toward smooth skin since the beginning of time, but not all anticellulite methods are effective, and what’s really important is that one single thing isn’t going to do miracles. Cellulite needs to be addressed both from the inside and from the outside. That’s why only taking anticellulite pills won’t get you the results you want, just as only using topical creams won’t work wonders either.

5 steps to fighting cellulite

1. Drink more water

Drinking more fluids will help keep your skin hydrated and plump, making it look smoother. Sufficient hydration is also important for fighting water retention and flushing out toxins

2. Smooth from within

Improve your skin’s appearance with supplements that help improve micro-circulation from within, making your skin look smoother

Slimmium Cellulite Attack does all that and more, since it also supports weight loss (fat loss contributes to reducing the appearance of cellulite) and protects from environmental damage. All you need to improve your skin from within!  

3. Do strength-training exercises

Building up muscle tone can help improve the appearance of cellulite. We recommend exercises like squats and lunges or working out with a resistance band. 

4. Firm your skin from the outside-in

Try using an anticellulite lotion to help keep the orange-peel skin at bay. Slimmium Anti-Cellulite Lotion hydrates the skin and improves its smoothness, which helps reduce cellulite appearance. On top of that, it also boosts fat burning, reduces fat accumulation and hinders new fat cell formation to visibly reduce not just fat but also the appearance of cellulite.  

5. Brush & massage

Regular skin brushing and massaging can help stimulate micro-circulation underneath the skin, improve lymphatic flow and drainage, and eliminate toxins.

Fast-track your way to dimple-free skin with our Cellulite Attack

All-new triple-action anti-cellulite capsules with patented grape skin extract sourced from France. Packed with polyphenols – super potent antioxidants – for maximum effect.All-new triple-action anti-cellulite capsules with patented grape skin extract sourced from France. Packed with polyphenols – super potent antioxidants – for maximum effect.

The powerful bundle can help: 

  • strengthen your blood vessel walls (which helps improve micro-circulation
  • smooth out your skin to visibly reduce cellulite appearance
  • protecting yourcells against environmental damage
  • promotes slimming and helps stabilise body weight

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