5 reasons to add L-carnitine Pure 1000 to your cart NOW!

Studies and customers are in agreementL-carnitine Pure 1000 is your best shot if you’re looking for a convenient and fast way to shape your figure. Just one vial a day can support you in your desire to have slimmer arms and legs and a flatter stomach this year! 



With so many dietary supplements on the market, it doesn’t come as a surprise you’re having difficulties figuring out which one you should add to your diet.

Our researchers have invested thousands of hours into fat burners and the verdict is clear: you need L-carnitine to carry long-chain fatty acids (most fats that we eat) to mitochondria, where they get burned for energy.

In other words: without L-carnitine, we wouldn’t be able to burn fat and get the energy out of it!

Why is L-carnitine Pure 1000 head and shoulders above the competition? 

The market is huge and regretfully flooded with lower-quality products too, so it’s essential you reach for certified, pure L-carnitine!

Here are 5 reasons to consider adding one of Slimmium’s top-sellers to your shopping cart ASAP: 

  • Just one shot delivers 1000 mg of Carnipure® - premium quality L-Carnitine, manufactured in Switzerland by Lonza, a company with over 35 years of experience. Over 8,000 studies have shown that L-carnitine in our new vials is safe and effective when it comes to helping your body use its own fat reserves as fuel, giving you a boost of energy and faster results. *
  • It features green tea. Green tea, a popular botanical fat-burning ingredient, has been proven to enhance energy expenditure - helping our body consume more calories, even when we’re resting. Studies have shown up to a whopping 17%* increase in fat burning during moderate-intensity exercise!
  • It offers excellent support if you already exercise or are about to start exercising as it keeps you energised and motivated. It can also aid in post-workout recovery - just be sure to take the vials before your training to avoid becoming too alert and active before bedtime! *
  • If you’re not a big fan of powders and capsules, you’ll love L-Carnitine Pure 1000 as it comes in the form of vials, making it all the more convenient. Take them with you on holidays, work and get better results, one vial at a time. Easy peasy!
  • It’s delicious! We’ve enhanced the formula to make it pina colada-flavoured because sweet dreams are made of pina colada, and we’re proud to let you know that there you consume only 8 kcal per vial. 

Give L-carnitine Pure 1000 a shot and burn fat reserves without even knowing it!

*Results may vary.

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